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Thame WI Christmas fair, 9/12/17
Amersham Artisans, Rowan's Garden Centre, 3/12/17
Amersham Artisans, St Michael's Church, 2/12/17
Peterley Manor Christmas market, 25-26/11/17
Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair, 3-5/11/17


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Hurst Show & Country Fayre, 24-25/06/17

Another fantastic year at Hurst Show! I was super chuffed with my 3-sided setup this year, which held up well against the customary June showers (it always rains at this show!!). I'm starting to recognise show-goers and fellow stallholders now, despite not being at all local, so it was very nice to catch up with everyone over the weekend. Looking forward to year 5!

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