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Thame WI Christmas fair, 9/12/17
Amersham Artisans, Rowan's Garden Centre, 3/12/17
Amersham Artisans, St Michael's Church, 2/12/17
Peterley Manor Christmas market, 25-26/11/17
Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair, 3-5/11/17


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Pura Vida bracelets

I recently purchased a bundle of gorgeous Pura Vida bracelets to sell in aid of a charity of my choice. Of fabulous quality and colour combinations, they are made my Costa Rican craftsmen and women and provide a sustainable income for local communities. By selling the bracelets at work and on my stall I have raised a total of £175 for Save The Frogs!

Work Summer Fayre, 5/08/15

The first time it's been tried but to celebrate the lovely weather we've been having this summer I organised a Summer Fayre for my department (Department of Infectious Disease) at Imperial College London. It was a very successful afternoon and altogether we raised £230 for SCI (Schistosomiasis Control Initiative) and Save The Frogs! Watch this space for the upcoming Christmas Fayre!

Pura Vida bracelets

Having been in my new job a couple of months now the most common reaction I come across when telling people I am researching an infectious disease in frogs is- "Why frogs?". I think it is very important for more people to realise why conservation is important, especially with regards to frogs, so I have decided to raise awareness through my crafts. I purchased a bundle of beautiful Pura Vida bracelets, handmade in Costa Rica by local craftspeople, which I am selling on my stall and donating 50% to 'Save The Frogs!
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