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Thame WI Christmas fair, 9/12/17
Amersham Artisans, Rowan's Garden Centre, 3/12/17
Amersham Artisans, St Michael's Church, 2/12/17
Peterley Manor Christmas market, 25-26/11/17
Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair, 3-5/11/17


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Newbury Artisan Market, 21/05/17

A fantastic first time at Newbury Artisan Market! Having only been back from fieldwork in Taiwan for 24 hours I was feeling quite the worse for wear, and almost gave up when half of my gazebo was missing. So glad I didn't though! Thank you to the lovely Tutts Clump Cider for lending me their spare gazebo, and to the family who asked me to make this beautiful window seat for them. I will be returning in September!

Multicoloured butterfly noticeboard

Thanks very much to one happy customer for sending me this great shot of the butterfly noticeboard she commissioned as a table plan holder for her daughter's wedding! I think it looks fab and I hope they had a gorgeous day. May it forever be used to display happy memories of their life together!

Colourful frog noticeboard

Not long after starting my new job at Imperial College London I was already decorating the office with a noticeboard! This is quite different to my usual fabrics as my new job is researching an infectious disease of frogs. If you want to know more check out our group blog on!

Eiffel Tower noticeboard

Check out this very funky design for a recently-commissioned 60x60cm noticeboard. I think the monochrome effect is quite striking!

Whiteboard & noticeboard

This was a fun commission to make- a giant 1.2m board which is half whiteboard and half noticeboard. I think it has turned out very well. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a new-style noticeboard!

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